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Specialist in AHU Design and Selection





Specialist in AHU Design and Selection




the ahu designer

airCalc++ DESIGN is the trading software package for individual AHU design, selection and production. A optimized CAD Designer permits each user to design and calculate his own standard or special AHU. EUROVENT and RLT/TÜV certificated as well...

the ahu compact selector

airCalc++ COMPACT is the trading software package for Catalog AHU Model selection. A optimized user Interface permits each user to select some units from a given range of designs and models. EUROVENT and RLT/TÜV certificated as well.....

the production part manager

The Production Part Manager is designed to meet together the selection of AHU air handling units or some HVAC components with some ERP and CAD Systems. It is a programmable BOM Designer and Creator Interface able to manage Bill of Materials and Parametric Information for 2D, 3D drawings and for NC Machines...

the plate exchanger selector

The Plate Exchanger Selector permits to calculate counterflow and crossflow plate exchanger. Aluminim, Stainless Steel, Plastic and also Paper quality plates with humidity transfer can be calculated. It works as a Standalone Package but also as a Blackbox DLL for external programmers...

the finned coil selector

The Finned Coil Selector permits to calculate single water and brine heater and cooler, condensing and direct expansion coils. also a twin coil energy recovery System is possible to calculate. It works as a Standalone Package but also as a Blackbox DLL for external programmers...

the sound attenuator selector

The Sound Attenuator Selector permits to calculate splitter for AHU - Air Handling Units and for Duct Systems. Telephony, Pipe and Flexible sound attenuator can be also calculated as well. The module is available as a Standalone Package with Catalog and Project Explorer andas a Blackbox DLL Version for external programmers...

the humidifier selector

The Humidifier Selector permits to calculate high pressure humidifier, air washer, steam humidifier and honeycomp humidifier. Efficiency,air out conditions and water quantity are calculated. It works as a Standalone Package but also as a Blackbox DLL for external programmers...

the axial and direct driven fan selector

The Axial and Direct Driven Fan Selector makes simpler the selection of fans. A soffisticated chart helps to identify the workingpoint of the interested fan. The selector works as a Standalone Package and also as a Blackbox DLL Version for external programmers......

the truck/container load optimizer

Container and Truck loading is always a question of time and cost. Our Container and Truck load optimisation module is written for AHU Producer to minimize the cost on prepare loading lists and to save money avoiding empty spaces on the truck or container...

the isc framework

The ISC Framework is the base tool for all our modules: a presenting catalog with marketing effect combined with an powerful Project explorer. It is the navigator trough all product modules and works as a container to collect different product types into a single project...

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Our mission is to be the industry's premier service provider company focused to deliver the maximum to our clients.


We believe software should follow the needs of users and not reverse.


We believe the best partner is the one providing a complete solution based on different modules.


We say no to out of box solutions as software should be as unique as you are.


We believe in saying no to thousands of projects, so that we can really focus on the few that are truly important and meaningful to us.


We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our groups, which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot. And frankly, we don't settle for anything less than excellence, we have the self-honesty to admit when we're wrong and the courage to change.


To provide a package of attractive modules, to build out of them the software of your purposes through a competent and motivated team of developers and software integrators, using the state of the art technology to maintain stability and growth of the organisation whilst contributing to the IT Sector by providing most advantageous solution to all.



Our Mission, satisfaction of you, our customer.

For your welcome! 

Come in and benefit from more than 30 year of knowledge and customer satisfaction.

Thank you for your help with launching AirCalc at Nevatom in 2015! 

We have finished the year with over 2000 AHUs calculated and counting! 

Our plans for 2016 are even more ambitious!


Thank you for being part of them! Andrey & Rostislav (CEO’s Nevatom Novosibirsk)


“We say thank you for your confidence and trust in ISC! The ISC Team”.



CEO and founder
Training and support

+39 0471 677004



Off into the future - Two industry specialists join forces

We are happy to announce that the two industry specialists ISC, Italy, and the selection software expert Divid, Sweden, from now on join forces 






Siegmund Schwarz Strasse 5

39018 VILPIAN (BZ)


Tel:  +39 0471 677004




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