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the ahu designer and selector airCalc

Eurovent certified
RLT certified
ERP 2016 certified
ERP 2018 certified

airCalc++ is the trading software package for AHU design, selection and production and it is used by more than 35 AHU manufacturers worldwide. airCalc++ has hundreds of function to setup the software as the AHU series and components required. After the setup of the rules and adjustment of the base data you can design and calculate air handling units. All the base data is manageable by you, no external programmer is need.


More than 5000 salesman and production engineers worldwide are using our software airCalc++!


airCalc++ helps you in many ways: from the unit design, about the technical calculation to the sales price list, from the offer to the order, from the bill of material list for purchase parts to the drawings and commands for automatic machining (NC).


airCalc++ is a guarantee for integrated process optimizing. The process flow starts on creating the unit design for an offer and ends with the final check list after production / assembling. You can produce all documents with airCalc++. Reduce your elaboration time from many hours to a few minutes whit a quality upgrade. 


airCalc++ is ready to use and is the first choose of software for AHU selection with delivery on order. You can use airCalc++ immediately after adding some data about your construction on the database; no additional programmers work is need. All customer are using the same software version, you have access to all our experience and the experience of all customer. You can decide about supplier, rules, unit sizes, model types and material qualities on entering data in the database.


airCalc++ is a standard in the world of AHU manufacturers and the continuous development of


airCalc++ is guaranteed. We are collecting all the wishes from our customers and with nearby weekly updates we can release a lot of new features. In this way you can get big extensions with low cost. 

The heart of airCalc++ is a powerful database. Supplier, rules, unit sizes, model types and material qualities, accessories are managed by you. Many, many data entries are available from us and ready to use. On startup you can get a very good filled database – you can save many days! All the data is visible and changeable through the database. As on of the powerful features you can create and write your own rules and macros. You are able to extend airCalc++ with your own procedures written in DotNet in any language (C#, VBNET, F#,...)


To calculate technical data for components like fans, coils, plate exchanger and others airCalc++ use original software delivered by some component supplier like Comefri, Gebhardt, EBM-Papst, Klingenburg, Soler&Palau… This programs are called „BlackBoxes“ and we have integrated many of this programs (more than 50 blackboxes). 

Our job is to extend this number of blackboxes and to actualize the versions. More and more supplier gives us the order to integrate their components in our software airCalc++ and all this without additional cost for our customer.


After an intensive meeting of 3 days you can start with airCalc++ to calculate units. During the meeting / training you will learn how you can manage the base data and how you have to us the software. We will learn you on existing data and in case we have it available you will get a lot of base data ready from us. You will get a software package with a setup program and a very good filled database with many components activated. After entering your unit size and casing parameter you can start to calculate technical data. Entering your special rules for TÜV, VDI or EUROVENT are not a problem, you can do it yourself on your database, of course EUROVENT rules are active immediately


Usual in 3 to 6 months you can have a system completely running with your data, prices and rules. This time can be shorter if you have a good responsible as database manager. This time isn’t depending from us but you need this time to collect some rules and data to enter on database. It goes to be your database and not a common calculation. 


Please note: airCalc++ was certified more times from German TÜV during RLT certification and also during EUROVENT certification. Each customer passed the certification of the software without any problem. Around 15 of our customer are having such certificates and a lot of other customers actually they are on certifying airCalc++ with their AHU products.


airCalc++ works in many  different languages,  included English, German, Italian, Croatian, Serbian  Russian  as well . More than 15 languages are available. You can extend airCalc++ with other languages by entering the translation into your database.


airCalc++ helps you to save time and money in 4 steps

  • You can build detailed quotation in a short time

  • On order more than 90% of needed order-documents are printable with one click

  • About the integrated BOM creator you can reduce the engineering time up to 80%

  • Information files for automatic machining are reducing elaboration time up to 60 %


With airCalc++ you can work faster and precise, airCalc++ is the right tool from the quotation to the delivery, tested and used by more than 5000 installations. Worldwide!

Please note: normally no additional programming is need and you can start immediately after 3 days of instructions to work with the program. 


You are the database manager and all of the data are manageable by database.


Using airCalc++ you can make part of a big family and you can get a lot of experience from the best AHU producer. We are not only software seller but we are also specialist in AHU selection and production workflow and sometimes we are working also as consultants for newcomer and for “old” companies too to organize workflow and resource planning projects.

Very important:


Buying a software license you get the rights to use the software without limitations in your main company and for agents and for “external” offices, which are working with and for you. There isn’t any installation limit, only the database administrator tool and production tool is linked to the main company. No additional cost for network installation or software distribution to your agents or other engineer offices.

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