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the production part manager

The Module airCalc++ Production is designed to meet together the air handling unit technical selection with some ERP Systems and CAD Systems. You can imaging the airCalc++ Production module as a big technical calculator able to “calculate” bill of materials and parametric information for 2D and 3D drawings and for NC Production systems. It is a big interface and the software can prepare some data to connect it with external ERP / Stock and Planning Management Systems.



Casing optimizing, write out of profiles and panels, creation of casing drawing profiles and panels

     Manual work = 100, with airCalc <15

Creation of production parts guides and sheets

Manual work = 100, with airCalc <15

Creation of 3D drawings and/or DXF Files using Autodesk Inventor or similar connected with airCalc

Manual work = 100, with airCalc <10

Creation of BOM list for stock and assembling

Manual work = 100, with airCalc <10

Transfer BOM to ERP System

Manual work = 100, with airCalc <5

Amada programming, fleming automatic machining with panel wizard

Manual work = 100, with airCalc <10

Order check and error quote

Manual work = 100, with airCalc <10



With a few click on a calculated unit you are able to get out nearby any information and list you want and need. Also some exports like excel and xml files or special files for JetCam or Fleming automatic machining you can get. For corner profiles we have a cutting optimization included.

How the system works? 
The base is very simple. airCalc++ AHU Design Module knows exactly what the user has calculated for the actual unit. He was able to change some dimensions and positions of components on his calculation and he was also able to put on some openings and cuttings on the casing like inspection windows, cable pass through, space for displays, electrical cabinet and unlimited other cuttings and openings.

Now a casing optimizer goes over the unit and creates a 3D model for casing and profiles. A 2D side view will help on manufacturing.
In case you want to apply some changes on the casing layout a integrated casing editor permits you to change the automatic created layout.

An information collector passes through the unit and collects all base information needs for the production parts. So this part of software can read out any information from an air candling unit and use it as a parameter for the next step: creation of production parts.

The information collector reads out the purchase part list for bigger components too and then he can mix purchase parts and production parts information together that the airCalc++ template manager can start.

The airCalc++ template manager is the heart of the system. He is able to use the information from information collector and he can build a detailed and leveled structure of a real bill of material. 
We are using the newest technology writing macros and VBA code like you can do in autodesk Autocad, Solid Edge, Pro Engineer but we are going a step forward into the future: you can use the whole programming system from Visual Studio 2010 (and 2012) Express, free available in internet. With this tool you can write some instructions and commands to serve some other helper manager:

A checker module helps you to check some given parameter and to inform you if some parameter wrong or some parts cannot be produced automatically or if a parameter out of limit. You can react and you are able to change some parameters until the warning or error message goes away.

A time manager makes you able to define some work plans and working steps with time calculation for each possible machine and / or working space. This manager helps you to define where you can produce the parts, also is possible to manage as production places also “external places”. The time Manager is able to find the best work flow with the shortest expected production time.

A sub-parts manager helps you to split some products in sub parts. As an example a panel is made by inner and outer sheet and insulation and some rivets.  The sub-parts manager helps you to split some products in more sub products using the main information given on the main product. Also the base material like sheets in kg can be calculated.

A printout manager permits you to create formatted printouts. Each part you produce is possible to print on some lists. You can create cutting lists, assembling lists, BOM lists, and some more. A graphical and modern layout designer helps you. Printouts are saved as PDF files.

An Export manager helps you to create some export-files. On these files you can write in parameters, codes, dimension and some other as you need. The files can be simply text files, csv files, excel files or xml files. You can create the layout of these files and you can control number of lines, format and content.

An NC-Information file manager works for you by creating some special files for automatic machining. Simply you can give the type of NC File and the needed parameter values and the Manager creates some special files for you. Actually JetCam and Fleming Files are active, some for GEO, TOPS and others can we implement as need.

A Drawing manager can interface your bill of material with an real CAD System. Actually we are supporting autodesk Inventor 2010 but other interfaces for Solid Work, Solid Edge, Pro Engineer, AutoCad are in planning. This manager permits you to create with one simple click all the drawings you need for a whole production day or AHU. Depending on your CAD System you have to create only one time before some parametric drawings in 3D and airCalc can use these drawings to manage some parameters and to save and print the changed drawings. To save money and time airCalc drawing manager is able to work as a background server. Se it is possible to install a powerful PC as a server with one license of your CAD system and each one working with airCalc Production can create and print sets of drawings without having powerful PC and a license of the software on workstation. 

The DataExchanger Manager can do some import and exports from and to external ERP systems. So you can send and receive a bill of material to and from your management system. The DataExchanger can work also over Internet using the SOAP / Web Service protocol.

If you have an external production management system then this system can give back to airCalc Production and airCalc will provide to create all files and printouts. If you don’t have a external production management system then airCalc can do this work for you. You can define what you want to startup as production each day, you can split each day in more blocks and you can the startup the printouts, export files, NC files and drawing creation. 

About the integrated BOM creator you can reduce the engineering time up to 80%, information files for automatic machining are reducing elaboration time up to 60 %
Compared with a “manual operated system” you can save 90% of all your manpower to prepare the production documents. And the most important advantage is the reduction of possible errors and faults on the documents and drawings 

All the new modules except the casing optimizer and editor are developed in a modern dotnet language and use of framework 3.5 and in the future also 4.0 with parallelism able software.

How much you can save using our software modules for production regarding the actual system you have in use? (Compared with standard / semi-standard units)


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