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the ahu compact selector

airCalc++ is the trading software package for AHU Design, selection and production and it is used by more than 35 AHU manufacturers worldwide. airCalc++ has hundreds of function to setup the software as the AHU series and components required. After the setup of the rules and adjustment of the base data you can design and calculate air handling units. All the base data is manageable by you, no external programmer is need.



Standalone Project manager

More than 5000 salesman and production engineers worldwide are using our software airCalc++!



This AHU Compact Selector can work as extension to an existing Version of the AHU Design Version or can be used as a standalone version. It is an optimized interface to calculate in a fast and efficient way predefined air handling units, flat units, fan coils and living room air conditioning systems, units with heat recover are also possible to manage.
To calculate all the units airCalc use the integrated blackboxes and components. About the tables in airCalc database it is possible to define the base data for each unit size and to fix some component to each unit size.
The Target of this compact unit module is to show an efficient interface. In one window / mask the user can select a complete unit also with some options and accessories.


Very important:

Buying a software license you get the rights to use the software without limitations in your main company and for agents and for “external” offices, which are working with and for you. There isn’t any installation limit, only the database administrator tool and production tool is linked to the main company. No additional cost for network installation or software distribution to your agents or other engineer offices.

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