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the humidifier selector

These are the possible humidifier types to manage


  • High Pressure Humidifier

  • Air Washer

  • Honeycomp Humidifier

  • Steam Humidifier


These are the possible optimize mode

  • air temperature out known

  • air humidity out known

  • humidifying capacity known

  • humidifying Efficiency known

It is possible to define a fixed model size but it is also possible to give the available space inside an air handling unit and let the program optimize the best Solutions


Pumps and Pump Stations

The calculation for some humidifier type is done also by defining the best Pump or Pump station


The Humidifier Product Key

The exchanger product key goes programmed regarding your individual requests. Please note that a key must contain ALL options and indication that you will be able then to calculate a price having only the code. In the future a purchase order will contain only the key. So the key must be real complete that you can produce the humidifier without any question to the customer.


Other notes

You can be sure that we know the base of calculating efficiency data, air state data and pressure drops, to handle the humidity chart and a lot more. But we have seen and we are sure that you have many of internal suggestions and requests to implement too.
The blackbox kernel has only a set input and a output functions. Using this function also external programmer are able to implement this blackbox into their own solution. The interlacing DLL is written for DOTNET Framework 4.0 (4.5) with public functions so the link between two systems is very simple. Usually we are delivering also an example in source code and a possible wrapper if someone wants to link the blackbox with an older language.
Very important: al technical and catalog data are saved in a protected mode into some files. The technical data and catalog data and also data need for equations and coefficients (like for efficiency and pressure drop calculation) are available for to modify and to extend. So no programmer is need if you want to change the base data.
The Blackbox kernel contains also a validation and licenses period control so that you can manage where and how long can use the calculation DLL.
You have to create then an excel sheet for price calculation. We are writing the product specifications (the code) into the first excel sheet on this excel file and on the other sheets inside the file you can create with simple IF commands in Excel a dynamic bill of material and price calculation. It is a work but it is quite a simple logic and you will be free to do what you want without programmers help.
Please note that the maybe in excel created bill of material can be transferred to your ERP system using a XML file protocol.

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